If you are getting insecure content (or mixed content) warnings on your website in HTTPS, look at the detail to find out what is causing them. That will help you determine what you need to do to make the warnings go away.

Look in your web browser’s error console

Each web browser has a console that will tell you more about your HTTPS warning

NB: after you open your browser’s console, refresh your page so that it tries to load the insecure content again and logs warnings to the console.

Run an online test

There are a couple of handy online test tools that will report any problems with your website. They can be more detailed than the browser consoles, and provide suggestions for resolving any problems.

These websites are great for diagnosing certificate problems and logging insecure content. They can even go beyond your website and check that any links to other sites are also problem free.

Problems found; now what?

Once you can see what is causing them, you can plan how to clean up your HTTPS insecure content warnings.